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Fun Things

Pistol Shooting

This has been something that I have enjoyed over the years and my wife enjoys it as well.  We are strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment and the right to carry weapons for personal protection.
  • Our shooting is mainly punching holes in paper targets at the range.
  • Reloading my own ammunition goes right along with the sport.



I am not a programmer, but I salute those who are.  I enjoy working on the hardware and with the software that makes them tick.  While this is a hobby, I am also an IT Specialists in my profession.
  • Web Site Design - I enjoy building web sites for others as a hobby.  As I said, I am not a programmer, but I do enjoy working on web sites.
    • While it was supported, I used FrontPage and it is still my favorite.
    • I have used Dream Weaver, but I am not enough of a programmer.
    • I am currently working with Expressions Web.
  • Different Operating Systems - Although I work mainly with the Microsoft operating systems, I also work with the different versions of Mac and also the various distributions of Linux.



I have been searching my family's history for a number of years and I have made what I consider substantial progress given the information I had when I started.  My family comes from the South and I am proud of my Southern heritage. Unfortunately, my family was in the way of certain events that took place in the 1860s.  This has made getting verifiable information extremely difficult as most all records and the places where they were kept were casualties of the war. 


While some of my information has been passed down through the family, I have also been able to locate and document the history for those branches not directly in the path of General Sherman and his march through Georgia.


I am always interested in sharing information with others.  If you are searching in the Georgia-Alabama area for people with the surname of Ansley, Pace, Ivy, Brown or McAmis please contact me.  The same hold ture for people searching in Arkansas for Weltons, Stewarts, and Tompkins.   



I have started playing around with digital photography and video. This is just in the beginning stage, but I find it festinating and will be getting a lot more involved as time progresses.


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